Electrical Repair & Works


Is the wiring in your home safe? Are the electrical works in your office or factory of satisfactory conditions? Noticed a surge in your electricity bills, even though you hadn’t been using any appliances heavily? There could be a problem with your wiring and electrical work on your premises. Our renovating company can offer clients around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor our quality electrical works & repair services along with ourtop notch home & office renovation services, to ensure that our clients have a safe premise to conduct their activities. Most common electrical wiring damage comes in the form of damaged and exposed wires,often due to age or by pests let in from improper home & office renovation services. These could pose a threat to those who accidentally come close to them, as electrocution is fatal in most cases. The electrical works & repair we perform usually involves changing either the insulation or the wire itself. Our contractors and technicians from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor come equipped with the appropriate safety gears and tools to ensure safe electrical works & repair services are performed.

In addition to that, repairs that are more complex may require minor home & office renovation serviceson your premise, such as drilling and hammering. Do not worry as our team from Kuala Lumpur, Selangorcan perform them quickly and efficiently to avoid hindering your activities. There may be various reasons as to why your wiring system is not functioning properly, your lights, electrical gates, appliances… This is why our contractors are the best people to contact for such issues. They have conducted countless electrical wiring works and repairs, and thus have accumulated years’ worth of experience, and can handle any kind of situations involving damaged electrical works. Contact us today if you have any damaged electrical wiring systems, we cater our services for clients in domestic homes, commercial shops, offices, and factories. Our representatives can have our contractors perform a survey on the extent of the damage for you, and perform the necessary repairs for it.

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