Plaster Ceiling & Lightbox Installation


When it comes to the ceiling, most people usually overlook it. We from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, who offer our quality home & office renovation services for domestic and commercial premises, think otherwise. A proper ceiling can keep out heat, moisture, and dust from falling all over the interior of your premise. They can keep you cool during warmer days, and prevent you from suffering from allergies caused by dampness or dust. This is why you need us for our home & office renovation services, for our superior plaster ceiling installation services. We have a crew of highly trained professionals who can provide superior plaster ceiling-related services for clients around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor. We can set up any type of plaster ceilings our clients need when they renovate their premise anywhere in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor. Our team of skilled contractors and workers can expertly put up your new plaster ceiling quickly and effectively, to avoid hindering the overall home & office renovation services.

Besides that, we also offer lightbox installation services for our clients. The lightbox fixture serves as a unique way to light up your premises. The lightbox we provide are contemporary in design, stylish, and energy efficient. Our skilled contractors can affix them anywhere on your premise, as you wish. The select choice of lightboxes we provide is sure to attract your guests when they see it, and to capture their admiration for your premise. Our lightboxes are suitable for any buildings: in domestic homes as decorative light fixtures, or in shops to attract customers. We can even have them fixed up in factories or offices as signboards. Minor renovation works may be required to properly, and securely affix the lightboxes, and to ensure that the wiring is up to safety codes. Feel free to contact us today if you are interested in our plaster ceiling services, or call us today to view and select one of our many lightboxes. Our contact representatives are always available during business hours.

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